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The TuitionNetSM insurance program represents an opportunity to collaborate for the common good – on behalf of schools and of the families you serve – and to begin to redirect revenues back into the boarding school community. TuitionNet is a service of TABS Insurance, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), a 501(c)(3). U.S. schools that are members or subscribers of TABS are eligible to participate. Families may access the program only through a participating school.


Participation in the Program’s Financial Success. TABS Board has authorized that whenever future dividends are paid from the program to the association, an equal amount will be returned to participating schools.

Rate Precision and Fairness. Each quote is based on factors that reflect an empirical relationship to attrition and expected claims.

Insights and Best Practices. As we continue to grow, we will apply sophisticated data analysis and share our insights with you. This will help your school reduce attrition through data-informed policies and best practices.

Transparency. Our policies, our rate-setting approach, and our financials are open for inspection by participating schools. Moreover, the members occupy the majority of seats on the governing board of the insurance entity.


Since the program’s inception in 2017/2018, TABS paid 100% of eligible claims in a timely fashion—and grown to 24 participating schools.

To date, the program has covered 29 TABS schools, insuring over 7,470 student accounts for over $278 million in tuition and fees.

Dozens of other schools have benefitted from the genuine competition we have created in the marketplace, conservatively generating a million dollars in premium savings for families.

TABS Insurance, Inc. is a corporation (any insurance carrier, under law, must be organized as a corporation) established as a “captive insurer.” 100% of the shares of the corporation are owned by The Association of Boarding Schools (a 501-c-3). Participating member and subscriber schools are the policy holders.

The TuitionNetSM program will offer a number of advantages and benefits, among them:

a. Transparency.
b. Rate Precision and Fairness.
c. Insights and Best Practices.
d. More Value from Association Membership.
e. Potential Participation in the Program’s Financial Success.
f. Group Purchasing Power and Low Overhead.

TABS hosts a protected portal, through which schools will be able to file and follow claims, and track refunds to schools for the settlement of affected student accounts. Enrollment data for new premium quotes or premium renewal is collected each fall, consistent with standard information requested by industry providers. Prior to the start of school, schools upload a list of covered student accounts with relevant information for each account. This in large measure mirrors the current industry practice.

A school joining the TuitionNet program has a choice of refund rates for “unused tuition” (based on the percentage of days remaining in the school year) according to the type of attrition: Voluntary Withdrawal (choice of 50% – 90%), Dismissal (choice of 50% – 90%), Medical-Psychiatric Withdrawal (choice of 50% – 90%), and Medical non-Psychiatric Withdrawal (choice of 50% – 100%). In future years, there may be additional options for customizing the refund rates.


TABS serves college-preparatory boarding schools in the United States, Canada, and around the globe. The Association leads a domestic and international effort to promote awareness and understanding of boarding schools and to expand the applicant pool for member institutions. TABS is the comprehensive, indispensable resource for educators seeking training, research, guidance, and support on all issues pertaining to the residential school experience. TABS is the voice for independent boarding schools, their historical contribution to our world, and the current and compelling benefits of living and learning in an academic community. Learn more about the association at

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